Find Current Theme Name on Chrome


You don’t have to try any of these methods no more.

Google has updated their settings page to easily go to your current theme page in the settings..1

Just hit that button!

Chrome is the most popular and most used browser of all-time! Chrome is customizable in many ways and themes are one of the coolest thing in the Chrome Web Store. Finding the current theme installed on Chrome is very hard right now And It’s a shame that Chrome still doesn’t show us the current theme name anywhere in the Browser. There are three three methods to find your current Chrome Theme: 1st Method:

Go to chrome://net-internals/#modules from your Chrome Browser and scroll down and you will see the name of your Theme in the “Name” section Under “Chrome Extension”.

If you have a lot extensions installed (like me) it will be hard to find it from that long list. Then Press “Ctrl+F” to open the Find tool and search “Theme” most probably your current theme’s row will be highlighted. This is the easiest way so far.

2nd Method:

This method uses a third party extension called Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) from the Chrome Web Store. At the bottom of the list of extensions you’ll find the name of your current theme.

3rd Method:

This method is little advanced, In windows:

Go to the folder “C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\default”

The file “Preferences” can be opened in notepad or wordpad.  Scroll down to where your theme is mentioned.  The name of your current theme is mentioned as


You have to check the option of “show hidden files” in the folder option to find this folder.

4th Method:

I don’t highlight this method much because it’s rather obvious and not reliable.

Head to the Theme Gallery in Chrome webstore and search the gallery to find it again.

You’ll have the luck to find your theme fast if your theme is a trending or popular one.

Hope that helped! Leave a comment if you have any doubts or wants to add another method.


How to Fix Profile Pictures not showing on Facebook Messenger and Facebook App through Wi-Fi

If you’re having problem with viewing Profile pictures on Facebook Android Messenger and Facebook official app over Wi-Fi, try this.

I have seen many people facing this issue, It works well if you’re on Mobile Data. My Friend’s new Wi-FI also started acted like this. So I tried tweaking the settings and finally found the issue.

  1. First Connect to your Wi-Fi Connection.
  2. Open Your WiFi Settings
    Settings > WiFi > Long press on the Connection name > Modify Network
  3. Select Advanced Settings
  4. Change “IP Settings” from DHCP to “Static

  5. Change the DNS to and DNS2 to
     This is the main step. Change the DNS to In most cases, when you delete the default DNS, these numbers are automatically filled
  6. Select “Save” That’s all! Go to your Facebook app and verify that it’s working. If you’re still facing this problem or any question about the above instruction. You can ask them in the comments.

P.S: If you’re below Android version 4.0 (ICS) changing the DNS option is a little different, I skipped it because majority of the Android phones are now 4.0+. You can Also change the DNS of your Router to to fix this issue. Refer the user manual of your Router to know how to change it. now supports Emoji!


So, Twitter just rolled on a new update to their web interface which every desktop users were eagerly looking for.  Twitter web will now Supports Emojis!

It means you’ll see fewer squares and more “Emojis” like this:



It’s a nice addition for those who use Twitter on the web frequently.

You can also post Emojis on twitter (and everywhere else) from this website

#BoxesBeGone! #EmojiParty

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How to Access Banned Torrent Sites in India

So Most of  Us will been shocked after visiting sites like, realizing we lost acces to these torrents .. Most of the Service providers all over india are already engaged in this procedure of  blocking these websites and More of them. We will be seeing ” Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders ” from now on ! I’ve been Surfing all over internet for a Solution and i found this beneficial. 🙂

Here’s a quick solution on ‘How to Access Banned Torrent Sites in India’ – INSTEAD OF TYPING HTTP://TORRENTZ.COM, or anything, just add ‘S’ after HTTP. – Try HTTPS://TORRENTZ.COM 🙂

for More / the Above trick dosent worked >

Try this to regain Your access !  

The Indian governments Department of Telecom (DOT) recently notified ISPs to block several torrent and video websites such as Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, KickAss Torrent, Vimeo, Pastebin and more to curb piracy. ISPs like Reliance and Airtel have already started blocking those websites.

In reply to those blocks, the famous group Anonymous has attacked several Indian government websites and taken them down. While the attacks continue, several users in India are still looking to access the websites but are seeing a message “This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)”.

If you are someone who is looking to access those torrent and video sites in India, you can still do it through several means. As I had stated earlier you can easily access blocked websites using proxy servers, you will find several proxy servers in our earlier guide on how to access blocked website.

Additionally, you can also access those websites using services like OpenDNS and Google DNS. See our guide on How to use Google Public DNS on Windows 7 and Windows XP or use a Google DNS helper to automatically change to Google DNS. If you are in India, you can use a DNS proxy website like as well.

If you are still not able to access those torrent websites, you could always try and use the site operator in Google search to directly search those websites and view their cached copies.

If you have any other means to access those websites, please feel free to leave a comment.

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