Mithun Ramesh, You’re probably the best anchor I’ve seen

Not many might be familiar with the name Mithun Ramesh. He’s an South Indian actor. But that’s not what he has got my attention.


There’s a new program in Flowers channel called Comedy Utsavam which is kind of a “reality show” but here people come out to do various task and stuff to show off their talent.

Link to the show:

I honestly watch the show just to watch the anchor’s “performance”. This is probably the first time I’m doing such a thing. (yeah, not for the “beauty!”)

He’s just amazing in my sincere opinion. I’ve never been impressed by anchoring before, but his performance is just remarkable.


Photo courtesy: Facebook 

He has all the nature of tune which I think any anchor should have. Enthusiasm, motivation, appreciation, acknowledgment for any tiny things which he thinks is necessary.

I’ve only recently learned that he’s a RJ and also a Programming Direction of a Radio Station in Dubai.I guess that solves the mystery where his etiquette and good traits comes from.

Dear Mithun Ramesh, you’ve earned my respect! Hope your specialty will be an inspiration to the other anchors out there. Keep entertaining us : )

Is it true? Girls give up on love for their families?

I’m not quite sure about this. But I have this topic haunting my mind for a while now. I want to scribble this somewhere, so here it goes.

As my friends circle always have one hot topic to discuss, it is about their relationships

Why do Couples fall in love with partner from different religion??

Most of the relationship falls into “the hole” because of one most common reason. That is religion. I thought religion was made to unite people, but this is not how it it works, it has become a tool to separate two love birds from different community.

I’m not judging girls’ braveness but I have seen and experienced a lot of friend’s break-up. They call itself “mutual” break-up because their girl partner have suddenly realized that their relationship is never going to get a green signal from her family.  Seriously girls? Did you just realize this after two years spending and giving hopes to him??

First of all there is no “mutual” break-up unless it’s a fake love. There will be always one person who don’t want to let go no matter what, I would like to call him/her the unlucky love-bird, who thought his/her life is going to be a happy love story.

I’m not against girls who loves her family equally or more than their lover. But you should be able to realize it much before giving your lover a hope or a simple yes to his proposal.


People say that bad memories cause the most pain, but actually it’s the Good Ones that drives you INSANE!

A Street Cat Named Bob

I don’t know who suggested it or how I found this movie. But I totally loved it. I just finished it and the feeling the movie gave me was overwhelming.

Maybe because I’m an Ailurophile, this goes straight to my list of favorite movies.

I didn’t knew any backstory about the movie before I started watched it, nor I don’t think I’ve seen any trailer either. But maybe somethings are like that, it will come find you if you are totally into it.

I only realized the movie was based on a true story at the end. And that was like a cherry-on-top to my happiness!

Definitely gonna re-watch it whenever I can.

OK, so if you’re still reading this and have no clue about what I’m talking about;

A Street Cat Named Bob is a British movie ( based on the book named the same. A homeless and drug addict guy gets a cat and his life turns upside-down for the good.

Just a simple google search bring about James Bowen (the cat guy) has written more books about Bob (the cat!). I think I know what I’m gonna do this weekend!


I always thinks when cats run around for no apparent reason they’re just playing with their imaginary friend.