Why negative?

Why are some people always so negative?

I’m not suggesting you have to be positive always. I know that’s not possible for everyone, but why negative all the time?

I get it, you will be upset when something bothers you, you can’t see it in a positive way unless you have such a state of mind. I’m not arguing about such situation. That can be kept exceptional cases or occasion for now.

I know some people, who are very friendly and nice but whenever they are asked to give a opinion, it will always be a negative one or something that will kill the vibe of the question. They always have something to complain about.

They will never be satisfied with what they have. They are literally not satisfied with anything. I don’t understand from where they are getting so much to even complain about! I’m not sure if they are even satisfied with whatever they’re doing in their life too. They will always blame on others for anything, and sometimes for the things they’ve done wrong.

I recently saw a video; where one justify how a negative person can be unattractive.


I think what Tony Robbins says is spot-on. Being negative actually kills the positive vibe of people around you too. You’re doing two crimes at a time! Just smile and try to be positive, I’m sure things will come your way.

Someone I follow once said “Crying over everything is like underlining the whole text.” I think it’s true.

Life is too short to be negative and be unhappy.

Whoever reading this, I hope you always find a reason to be happy. =)


PhonePe (app) loot! How me and my friend managed to exploit their current “Cashback offer”

How me and my friend managed to exploit their current “Cashback offer”

PhonePe is a UPI app which now offers an exciting 50% cashback up to Rs. 150 for your first transaction through the app. And on top of that, they are also providing a Rs. 50 complimentary gift to the user when they invite someone and they join the app to make their first transaction.

So basically, they are offering a total of Rs. 200 for “free!”


PhonePe is a UPI app, so we can easily transfer money to different account just like how PayTM works.

So my and my friend sat together. My friend first installed the app and invited me through the invite link which he generated and I installed & joined using the same. Now I just has to transfer Rs. 300 to my friend’s account to earn the Rs. 150 cashback. So I linked my bank account and transferred Rs. 300 to my friend and boom! My account is credited with Rs. 150 and my friend’s account got an additional Rs. 50 as well for making my first transaction. We both just has to draw the money from the PhonePe app to our respective bank accounts. Which is very easy and can be done within the app as well.

Rs. 200 for simply installing and window dressing a transaction!

I’m quite sure that PhonePe is well aware of this vulnerability but they just keep it open to promote their system. Hope they’ll success without much (cough) loss.

But as a gratitude, I’ve decided to ditch PayTM for a while and try to stick with PhonePe for making some of my usual transaction which I normally do with PayTM. So PhonePe, thank you for your Rs. 200 and Good luck!

EU Court, what’s wrong with headscarves?

Recently, Europe’s highest court have passed a court order that allows Employers to ban staff from wearing headscarves [Source]. Seriously?

but what’s wrong with headscarf, my lord? Religious concepts aside, what’s wrong with covering your head with a simple cloth? It would’ve been made sense if the court objected people who are under dressed or dresses exposing a lot in a professional environment.

I’m not muslim or supporting that women are supposed to wear headscarves. But I think deciding weather to wear or not to wear a headscarf is one’s personal choice. Court shouldn’t support what corporate says thoughtlessly.


I wouldn’t have bothered if the headscarves would’ve made any inconvenience in the environment. Like if they distracts the co-workers or call for some unwanted attention. But that’s entirely not the case here, headscarves actually discount all those unwanted trouble.

Dear Corporate/ Employers who think headscarves should be banned, what will happen if someone tells you that you will be fired if you wears underwear to work from tomorrow? Awkward isn’t it? Then why do you expect a women to stop wearing something which she has been wearing all her life?

I repeat again, I’m not suggesting women are supposed to wear headscarves, but I appeal that it’s their personal wish to wear it to or not, anywhere they want.