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Zodiac Sign & Dieting!

Zodiac is…well, is a circle of twelve 30° divisions of years.. And Surprisingly Since the movement of these celestial bodies is different during different Zodiac divisions. people born during these phase have different characteristics.


And Yes! it is true.. the celestial bodies decide how you behave. This is my attempt to map your Zodiac sign to the right dieting technique so that you can lose weight. 😉 So, Here we go:



Aries (Born between March 21 & April 20)
Aries are also known as the The Ram. Not Sita`s Ram…but the animal Ram (scientific name is definitely NOT Homo Sapiens). To ensure you lose weight stay away from meat, especially if it is Ram meat. Since, Fire is your element…ensure everything is cooked in fire before eating.

Taurus (Born between April 21 & May 21)
Taurus are also referred to as The Bull. Being a Taurean myself, I know that we eat, drink & sleep bull shit. If like me, you are also a Taurean slowly eliminate all bull shit from your diet. Care should be taken to eliminate it slowly for it has withdrawal symptoms. Since Earth is the element for all Taureans…a diet on anything that grows inside the Earth will help in losing weight. For example carrots, radish, potatoes, & earthworms.

Gemini (Born between May 22 & June 21)
Geminis are The Twins and hence you can only achieve weight loss if you work in pairs. The results will be there for all to see if you have an identical twin, who like you is hugely obese….and wants to lose weight. Air is the element for Geminis, and hence a dieting Gemini should try to keep the air intake to the minimum.

Cancer (Born between June 22 & July 22)
Cancer is a big disease. If you are a Cancer, dieting should be the least of your worries….your chemo-therapy should take care of that. A diet of Crabs will greatly reduce your weight. While eating crabs, make sure to leave the shells out else you might end up with a lot of bone weight. Since, Water is your element…drinking a lot of it will result in weight gain. Ever noticed that a drenched towel is heavier?

Leo (Born between July 23 & August 22)
You probably eat like a lion. Try the Hyena trick, which generally works for Leos. But for that you need a wife that eats up most of the food at home and leaves the remains for you when you come back from office. Another sure shot way to lose weight is to get cubs into the family…which will ensure you spend time feeding the Leo cub. For a Leo cub, you need to inseminate or get impregnated in the beginning of winter – October/November – which isn`t difficult, considering the number of Leos we have amongst us.

Virgo (Born between August 23 & September 22)
If you are a true Virgo, you are probably a virgin. Just in case you didn`t know, sex helps burn calories and thus lose weight. Drinking a lot of Bloody Mary (remember, Mary was a virgin?) will also help you lose weight. Sometimes, virginity too.

Libra (Born between September 23 & October 22)
Since your motto is ‘balancing act` you are most likely to succeed in dieting. You will need to weigh everything you eat against the pleasure it will give you and then decide on whether to eat or not. Remember, you have nothing to do with the “scales” on a fish…so you can consume as much fish as possible without the fear of gaining weight. Just don`t go for chicken, else you might end up saying “Dam!” like the fish that hit a wall under the water.

Scorpio (Born between October 23 & November 21)
However hard Mahindra & Mahindra might try to convince you…remember…you are not an off-roader. You need sting in your food…so have a lot of pickle. To lose weight, follow up every morsel of food with a spoonful of pickle. Since, Water is your element you can always have a glass of water after every spoonful of pickle.

Sagittarius (Born between November 22 & December 21)
You are the Archer, so you should try and start hunting & eating. Hunting will help you burn calories, while eating sparrows & crows & squirrels – which are the only wildlife you will find in our cities – will ensure you lose weight. If you are in New York, you might find an occasional dinosaur destroying the city…that`s if some movie shooting is going on.

Capricorn (Born between December 22 & January 20)
Your animal is sea-goat. Being a goat is bad enough, but being a sea-goat? If you want to lose weight, you should indulge in sea food. If you are of marriageable age…see if you can either marry a Bengali or a Keralite for enough of sea food at home. If you are already married to a non-communist (why are both the communist ruled states in India so fish-friendly?)…suggest you rent/buy a house near a good sea-food restaurant.

Aquarius (Born between January 21 & February 19)
Aquarians are ruled by the planets Saturn & Uranus. Saturn will ensure that your mind goes haywire when you see food….while Uranus will ensure that what ever you eat gets out of your digestive system (re-read if you didn`t get this awesome joke!). You are the only Zodiac sign that can eat anything and wash it down in a single flush.

Pisces (Born between January 21 & February 19)
Needless to say, you need to rely on sea food. But only two fish at a time…anything more and you might start putting on weight. My personal advice to all Pisces will be to go for an aquarium at home, but start with at least six fish every day – why go to bed empty stomach?


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Final Destination in Real Life

I was going through some news article and I was struck by this news “Patient dies after X-ray machine ‘falls’ on him!” The events that led to this X-ray accident was quite interesting.

We all know the American horror franchise Movie “Final Destination” The plot of the movie is that a group of person who survived a huge accident dies after surviving unusually. It is said that “Death’s pattern cannot be cheated.” But of course, it only a fiction.

Few days back a 42-year-old, who was taken to the Hospital in Mumbai with serious injuries, died soon after a part of the wall mounted X-ray machine allegedly fell on him. Sukhdev Seth, a Indian Railway employee, met with the accident near his residence at 6.15am on his way to work. Sukhdev was hit by a cyclist and was run over by a BEST bus which came behind him. Seth was taken to the hospital with injuries to the lower back, thighs and spinal cord. The bus conductor took Seth to the hospital, where he was taken to the X-ray room attached to the casualty.

Illustrated by Prashant Chaugule

Witnesses reported that it was Sukhdev’s high luck to survive the first and second accident. But unfortunately the odds was not in his favor the third time. Seth died instantly when the X-ray machine fell on him.
The recently renovated hospital, has been in the news ever since it was thrown open to people. A fortnight ago, a technician suffered a head injury and required a day’s admission after a portion of the ceiling fell on her. Seconds later, a portion of the air-conditioner duct gave away but the technician was lucky to escape it by a few seconds. Incidentally, Wednesday’s incident happened inside the same X-ray room. The hospital has been renovated at a cost of Rs114 crore (19M USD). “The civil work is shoddy and staffers work in constant fear that something or the other will collapse,” said a nurse. A preliminary check run by the manufacturer of the machine found no fault in the equipment. The first thing that came into my mind when I read this news was the Movie.

Read more about this news here.

I also want to share my grief in this time with deepest sympathy and condolence. May God help the relatives of Sukhdev through the days ahead.


My Moto G review

Moto G is quite frankly the best smart phone that money can buy!

Moto G was developed by Google and it comes at an amazing price of $179! (Rs. 14000)


The Specs of Moto G are as follows..

Screen size (inches) 4.50
Touchscreen Yes
Touchscreen type Capacitive
Resolution 720×1280 pixels
Pixels per inch (PPI) 329
Colours 16M
Processor 1.2GHz  quad-core
Processor make Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Internal storage 8GB/16GB
Rear camera 5-megapixel
Flash Yes
Front camera 1.3-megapixel
Operating System Android 4.3 upgradable to 4.4 (KitKat)
Java support Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 b/ g/ n
Bluetooth Yes, v 4.00

Yes, this is a specification of a high-end mid rang phone! It is really surprising that comes under this price tag.. is the only dealer in India for Moto G.

Flipkart is providing several offers and contests to promote the Moto G which is really beneficial in customer point of view.

Flipkart delivery is also very satisfactory.

I placed the Order on 17th April 2014, 2:46PM and it was delivered <48 Hours!

Flipkart delivery


My Moto G had KitKat (Android 4.4.2) running right out of the box which was really surprising! Moto G was one of few phone which got KitKat update first.. The “Project butter” and KitKat OS is really smooth on the Moto G.

Here is a video of Moto G speed test with Nexus 5! (which is a Rs.30K phone)

and, we can see that Moto G was only tiiinny bit slower than the giant Nexus 5!!

Moto G also support HEAVY games as well

Cannot hesitate to say but all these heavy games is running without any lags and “smoothly” on this budget phone!


Build quality: Build quality of this phone is really good! It feels very solid in hands. It is a very good advantage that it has Gorilla Glass 3 protection for the screen and I’ve literally tried scratching my Moto G with keys and not surprisingly it didn’t got scratched! And also Moto G is water repellent. Very comfy and useful for daily use!


Camera is the only “disappointing” department in the Moto G, but this is the BEST we can except from this exceptional (price) phone! Even though its 5 MP rear camera, the photos it takes are very satisfactory. It is way better than all 5MP cameras of Samsung. The shutter speed and features are also exceptional!

I’ve seen many bloggers say the camera is poor in night.

Photo taken using Moto G with LED flash

But. This image is taken only with the LED Flash light at night. It’s way better than all the mid-range phones delivering low-light images. Also gotta say the LED light is very powerful in the Moto G.

Storage: Moto G comes with 8/16GB variants, but the fact is that it does NOT support SD cards, it could be a bit disappointing to some users, but not a big drawback as this phone supports USB Flash drives with OTG! The Bluetooth reception is very good than even Galaxy S4! It was playing music without any beat skips through Bluetooth speakers at a long distance while other phones were having trouble.

Here is Read & Write speed test of Moto G.

I can say the performance is exceptionally good. It has even defeated the giant Galaxy S5!



I’ve been using Moto G for almost two weeks now and it still amuse me. I’ve tried high-end games like NFS Most Wanted (1.91 GB), TDKR (The Dark Knight Rises) (2.3GB) etc on my Moto G and I couldn’t litreally find any frame-drops or lags in those games considering its high graphics and size. The lightning effects and all on TDKR is awesome! The 720p HD Screen also helps the viewing effects. The Adreno 305 GPU is handing all the games very smoothly.

One thing I found while playing Games like NFS Most wanted, is that the Phone get very hot while playing (probably because it uses a lot of GPU&CPU). It could sometimes harm the phone’s battery in the long run. And also 30 Minutes of gameplay with NFS Most wanted resulted in 18% battery drop (as I tested).

 TIP: Don’t play games while charging as phone gets too hot (due to CPU & charging) and we know that battery life would be affected when it works in very hot conditions.


This is the Best phone for gaming if you’re looking for a <Rs.15000 phone!

The Usual games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Deer Hunter, etc also runs very smoothly and the Graphical details (shadows, infos) can be seen very clearly on the 720p display.


What I miss in the Moto G:

  1. 4G LTE – (Even though India doesn’t have 4G coverage all over, I still miss this feature. 4G is gonna be everywhere soon!)
  2. NFC. – They could’ve put a NFC in the MotoG. I don’t think NFC chips is that expensive 😉
  3. Removable Battery – (Non-removable batteries are quite common now, so can’t complain much)
  4. 2GB RAM – I am very happy with the 1GB ram of MotoG. But in a long-run with lots of multi-tasking, 2GB of ram would’ve been a blessing!

Update: Motorola has Just released a 4G LTE model with Expandable storage! (Yet to arrive in India)



The another good news is that the Phone comes Android 4.4 (KitKat) out of the box! (Phones which are not stock KitKat can be upgraded to KitKat OTA easily)

KitKat have some great additional features and Memory Management than the prior version of Android. Learn More >>

In short, MOTO G is the BEST VFM (Value For Money) Phone out there in the market!


Shop now! 8 GB –

16 GB –