About Me (:


About Me

 If someone asks me whether I believe in God or see God Then I’d say that I cant imagine a world treating god as a separate entity.That would make me feel that God is the universe which in turn,I will never feel separated from god or feel that I should seek God in a church…IF not it will make me similar to a fish in the ocean seeking more water…..These comments are not going to put me away from Christianity.aha mind it!.Accept good things from all…dat would make you a sound PANTHEIST and virile like me and then it wont be necessary 4 me to write about me….IF by reading these if u have got a feeling like ‘My god,IS he ditzy..”then u have clearly understood me….A person who tried to peek into his big life and got insane…..ADVICE:Enjoy ur life…n please try to stop communalism and ethnocentrism among yourselves when your in a group….Some guys may now think “Is he mentioning n advising me”..,then Beware I am a thug…

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Abey Austin 😀


Update: 2/3/2014

Thank You for Visiting, It’s my deepest regret to let you know that My Blog was hacked in the Late 2013, and most of my posts were deleted and it was too late for me to regain the access.

You can still view the Old Posts (Which were not deleted / Modified by hacked at these archives)

2013 Archives

2012 Archives

Always feel free to Contact me if you have any further inquiries.

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