Final Destination in Real Life

I was going through some news article and I was struck by this news “Patient dies after X-ray machine ‘falls’ on him!” The events that led to this X-ray accident was quite interesting.

We all know the American horror franchise Movie “Final Destination” The plot of the movie is that a group of person who survived a huge accident dies after surviving unusually. It is said that “Death’s pattern cannot be cheated.” But of course, it only a fiction.

Few days back a 42-year-old, who was taken to the Hospital in Mumbai with serious injuries, died soon after a part of the wall mounted X-ray machine allegedly fell on him. Sukhdev Seth, a Indian Railway employee, met with the accident near his residence at 6.15am on his way to work. Sukhdev was hit by a cyclist and was run over by a BEST bus which came behind him. Seth was taken to the hospital with injuries to the lower back, thighs and spinal cord. The bus conductor took Seth to the hospital, where he was taken to the X-ray room attached to the casualty.

Illustrated by Prashant Chaugule

Witnesses reported that it was Sukhdev’s high luck to survive the first and second accident. But unfortunately the odds was not in his favor the third time. Seth died instantly when the X-ray machine fell on him.
The recently renovated hospital, has been in the news ever since it was thrown open to people. A fortnight ago, a technician suffered a head injury and required a day’s admission after a portion of the ceiling fell on her. Seconds later, a portion of the air-conditioner duct gave away but the technician was lucky to escape it by a few seconds. Incidentally, Wednesday’s incident happened inside the same X-ray room. The hospital has been renovated at a cost of Rs114 crore (19M USD). “The civil work is shoddy and staffers work in constant fear that something or the other will collapse,” said a nurse. A preliminary check run by the manufacturer of the machine found no fault in the equipment. The first thing that came into my mind when I read this news was the Movie.

Read more about this news here.

I also want to share my grief in this time with deepest sympathy and condolence. May God help the relatives of Sukhdev through the days ahead.


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