14 Days for FIFA 2014!!!

14 Days for FIFA 2014!!! – EXCITED!!

Talk of earning in sport and football comes up first to mind. Ok wait. Golf or Formula 1 should actually spring up first, but given the glamour and attention surrounding the beautiful game, it is always football that springs to mind.

It was always been about football! Even if there’s somebody who don’t “like” football, he can’t just hate it. And FIFA World Cup is the mothership of all the addiction. I don’t know about you, but I started addicted to Championships and even ManUtd from the FiFa 2005 World Cup!! I was only like 10 and that was the time when Football just got into my vein. I still remember the names of the players of Brazil in 2005, but if you ask my classmates’ name from 2005, I might get gobsmacked!


I have a lot of things to love about this world cup.

  1. The Venue is RIO!!! Yep, Rio is one of the favorite places in the world (And I always wanted to visit) 2. Diego Costa’s homecoming! And last but not least, 3. The World Cup of the selfies!

Check out other highlights of FIFA 2014!  http://www.theguardian.com/football/gallery/2014/may/25/25-reasons-to-watch-the-world-cup-in-pictures

The only thing that I’m disappointed is THIS!:

Anything Pitbull touches turns to shit. What a joke of an artist, I feel bad for Brazil having to use this shit as their theme song.

Sleepless nights on their way! http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/matches/


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