i wud never say that m not talented…coz the almighty above has blessed me wid abandance of talents. he gave me the talent to….

1. tke all srse situations in a coool way

2. love evry1,even if they hate me….

3. make oders happy

4. make feel evrything happens for a reason

5. make possible fr me wen oders i cant actually do that…..

6. think +ve to evry shitty situation

7. chk out all hot guys on earth

8. do the mst tharayest vellas on earth.

9. make ppl laugh…

10. tell absolutely believable lies.

11. play basketball n so many more games..

12. i cud dance..

13. remmba all oldest memories…..

14. have a good memory lose at the same tym…

15. keep a smiling face 24/7..n makes oders to smile as well……..

ahhh i guess dats pretty mch it…..i luv ma life:-)

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